The itch

There is a voice in my head and a feeling in my chest that communicates with me. For some time now, I’ve been trying to silence it.

“No, no, it’s not wise. There’s too much at stake. Now is not a good time. How will you make it work? You can’t.”

It continues, “You have to do it. You can do it. Do it.”

Whenever I heed this encouraging voice, I feel a zest for life that has been missing for far too long. When I stop resisting its call, I start to feel as though I am making progress in my life.


Spring 2017 will be a time of great changes. It will be a time of making dreams a reality.

I will be traveling indefinitely, throwing myself fully into uncertainty.

This blog will chronicle the adventures, the highs and lows, the people, the food, the fun and the miseries.

The months leading up to my departure will be a time of preparation. I have things to sell, plans to make, people to contact. This will be a place to think out loud and ask questions of the wiser and more experienced, a place to convert dreams and desires into reality.

This is Day 1.


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