Finding Focus (Day 1 10DBC)

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 1.
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We’re starting off by writing 2-3 personal challenges that are keeping us from making our dream lifestyle a reality.

This is easy for me. I’m good at reflecting upon my shortcomings… so much so, that I think my #1 obstacle is my poor self confidence/tendency to anticipate failure before I’ve even started.

This main challenge is behind the subset of other reoccurring difficulties such as:

Lack of follow through on the millions of “projects” and ideas that flow out of me. This again relates to the fear of failure. It’s the fear of showing up and presenting myself as a contributor to whatever it is we as humanity are working toward. I feel embarrassed by my “meager” offerings and decide that nothing is better than something, when the opposite is true.

Being overly concerned by the opinions of others  to the point that I am afraid to be myself in uncomfortable situations. I am working on this actively through a variety of methods including journaling, meditation, CBT, and just doing it anyway. Progress is slow, but it’s work worth doing.

Fear. (of risk, change, uncertainty, discomfort), and hence the title of this blog, Fear Is a Farce, because I finally realize that the things I am afraid of are only keeping me from LIVING MY LIFE, and I just won’t have it!

I could name a million more, but I think these cover what is most urgent and transformative at this stage in my life. I admit, it makes me very uncomfortable to be posting this on a public space, but I also know there is no shame in being aware of my weaknesses and actively working to turn them into strengths and advantages.

To transformation! Liberation! Bravery!

See you for Day 2.




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