Finding my “WHY” (10DBC Day 2)

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 2

This is a tough one…

Today I have to formulate my reason why I want to live a freedom lifestyle, and how it could potentially help others.

I think it’s tough because in some irrational way, I feel guilty at the idea of being free. I am overwhelmed by the seeming arbitrariness of my freedom when others do not have that luxury. It all depends how you define freedom, of course, and I think that is worth elaborating on.

To me, freedom means being clear minded. Freedom means using available resources for acquiring knowledge for the purpose of clarity/health, and being able to share that with those who need it. Freedom is being unobstructed from helping others because all my own personal needs are met. Freedom is the luxury of having all you need and being in a position to share.

That’s very broad, I know, but physical and mental health are at the center of it. Spending time outdoors, healthy diet, and joyful rest and relaxation with loved ones are the main ingredients of health.

So I guess that’s that. My why is being educated and fit enough to wholesomely enjoy the world around me, and to help others do the same as best I can. A big part of being educated is traveling and getting to know all the different ways people do things in this world. Understanding the different people and approaches in the world means that fear and hate are minimized.

I would like being a cultural ambassador/public intellectual/expert on differences in etiquette across cultures/folk health expert/hiker/chef…

Let’s see what happens…




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