Creating a Vision for the Future (10DBC Day 3)

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 3

I just sat down to write and it’s 10:02PM. It’s been  a busy day. I could have said “eh, I can skip today. I can just do my thing and go to bed. (Lord knows I love sleeping!) But I didn’t let that voice win, and for that I am both grateful and proud.

I’ve been dog-sitting the past few days, which has included giving one of the dogs an insulin shot twice daily. It’s a little difficult to plan my whole life around that, but it’s such a pleasure to have two sweet, loving pups  to follow me around and snuggle at every turn. I’ll miss them when they’re gone…


Today’s challenge is to write my vision for the future…to write out what my perfect day looks like.

I spend a lot of time visualizing and chasing my perfect day. It’s all about how the morning unfolds.


I wake up. I feel refreshed. I’ve slept a solid EIGHT hours. Time for prayer, gratitude.

I get up, go to the kitchen, set some water for tea. There are 15 different choices before me and I choose what tickles my fancy that day. I crack open a young thai coconut and drink its water and eat the flesh. Yum.

I wash my face with rose water and brush my teeth. I pour my tea over. Sit down for 15 minutes of meditation. Do some exercise (yoga/hiit/a long walk/run), take a shower, wash my hair with a gentle soap, cover myself in coconut or almond oil. Dab on some ylang ylang essential oil.  Get dressed in something comfortable and loose, yet flattering (tough to find, let me tell you). Drink my tea. Make breakfast–a light watermelon-strawberry smoothie, oatmeal with coconut milk and cinnamon, or eggs and toast with jam, depending on the season. Spend some time writing,  responding to emails, then give my mom a call. All this is happening while I listen to “Sacred Music Radio.” Then I spend time singing or dancing or practicing an instrument. What happens the rest of the day hardly matters if I spend the first few hours fortifying myself in this way. Ideally, it would involve going on a long walk/hike in a beautiful place, eating dinner with my family, teaching/taking a yoga class, reading books about health… and just having the time to explore, try new things, help others whenever the opportunity arises, take it slow.

What a luxury!

Having the time and the space to go through this routine is my idea of the perfect day. I know with time, I will have to sacrifice more and more of my time to others, so while I have it, I really cherish it.

This is an exercise I will look back to whenever I find myself getting overwhelmed about what I “should” be doing. Life is a lot simpler than we often make it.

On that note, it’s time to get my 8 hours of sleep in and work on making this dream a reality tomorrow…

Good night!



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