Setting Myself Up for Success (10DBC Day 5!)

What a morning it’s been.

For whatever reason, as i was getting ready, I decided to go through my purse and clear some stuff out, make sure I had everything. I realized I couldn’t find my keys. This is unusual. I put them in the same 2 places always. I check my pockets, check the shelf. Pockets. Shelf. Pockets. Shelf. Kitchen. Garbage. Bathroom. Living room. Pockets. Shelf. Pockets…

I start to freak out a bit, being that I have to head off to work with a new client today. After some circling around, I decide I should check my car. I had developed the suspicion that I had locked my keys inside last night.

Well, I was right. There were my keys, right in the ignition. ARG.

THEN I realize I just signed up for AAA service no more than 2 weeks ago. YES!!!

So I called, and boom boom boom, 20 minutes later the entire problem is solved. Keys are retrieved. Thank you and smiles happen! …and I’ll be at work on time too!

This is a huge deal to me. You see, I don’t like needing help from others much. I don’t like making stupid (silly!) mistakes, and then having to admit them to others in order to ask for their assistance.

I’ve been humbled, and I am so pleased and thankful for it. I learned an important lesson today (a lesson I keep learning, forgetting, and relearning, thanks to the kindness of others).




There is value in paid services! YEEHAW!

exclamation point!

Alright, so on to DAY 5 of the Freedom Plan Blog Challenge.

(can I say again how proud I am for making it to the half-way point, for keeping with my goal of writing every day?? YES I CAN)

Today’s challenge post is about figuring out our “daily success plan”–steps to take every day that will bring us toward our goals. In other words, time management. This is something that I’ve been really excited about these past few months.

I feel like I’ve got some hacks figured out that might be helpful to some. This is what I’ve found useful:

-Calendars. Lots of Calendars. Wall calendars, personal calendars, phone calendars, computer calendars. One is for work stuff, one is a log of exercise, one for personal events, etc.

-White boards. I wrote down a list of things that I want to accomplish daily, and then when I get it done, I put a (very satisfying) checkmark next to it. I don’t usually get 100%, but on my best days, I’m really close. Some of the things on my list include exercise, working on my courses, writing, meditating, reading, spending time outside.

-I send myself an email at the end of the night with my next day’s to-do list (most important tasks) It helps me relax, knowing that I won’t forget any important thing I’ve suddenly remembered right before bedtime.

So I’d say I’m off to a good start. In order to improve, I’d like to implement a system that will keep me accountable. This blog has been serving that purpose to some extent, though I’d like to check in with a mentor or find some incredibly motivating forces to keep me doing those things that I tend to drag my feet about.

Ideally, I’d like to set aside at least an hour a day (maybe in 15 minute chunks?) to attend to interpersonal matters. I feel I don’t do enough concentrated socializing. I need to respond to emails in a more timely manner, make long term projects come to life by following through. The only real way to do it is to put the time aside for it.

I’d also like to put time aside for creative pursuits. I will be taking a pottery class starting next week, so I figure that will fill my creative void, at least for some time.

What I’m really coming to realize in writing this post is that I need to make more broad time management plans than I have been. In other words, I need to make a master calendar and delineate a time for all my major goals to be met, even if that goal is “relaxation.” I printed an hour-by-hour weekly planner that I’ll get around to filling out.

I’ll post about how it goes in more detail in the coming weeks…



This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 5


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