Finding My Tribe (10 DBC day 6)

This I am excited about.

The phrases “find your tribe” and “your vibe attracts your tribe” have been following me around for a couple of weeks now. I’ve met a few people who I’ve connected with emotionally and  intellectually, and felt inspired and challenged to be my best. This is exciting to me, a person who threw in the towel about people a long time ago. I decided everyone sucked, no one was worth it, it’s best to just keep to yourself and avoid getting sucked into the drama that is human relationships.

I’m still fervently drama-free, but I’m realizing that people come in all varieties, and some of those people will be great friends, worth every hassle or inconvenience that may come up at one point or another. I’m also finding new patience for existing relationships, in hopes of bringing new light to them, learning to see people as the changing and growing  beings that they are.

This post is supposed to name two people that have achieved what I would like to achieve, and then include what questions I would ask them if I were to meet them in person.

I don’t know why, but I can’t readily come up with any living people I consider heros. I’ve thought about this question before and didn’t really come up with anything too great. I think I settled on yogi-lady Meghan Currie. She’s appears to be living the dream (travel, yoga, wholesome fun with food), and I would certainly like to learn how she does it. It seems to be effortless. I would ask her “How do you trust your desires and just go for whatever you want? How do you handle doubt and fear and stress and sadness and pain and and and?” I’m sure she would have good answers.

There are people I admire, but perhaps because I’m uncertain about my direction, I can’t be too sure exactly who it is that I’d like to emulate. I would like to be like  Alan Watts, I would like to be like Peace Pilgrim. I would like my Buddha-nature to show through all the non-sense (or…I would like to see it and be seen?) Both of those examples are of dead people, and all the other ones I come up with are as well.

Then there is the fact that there are people in my life that I already know and admire, and wish I could know better so I could understand how they have gotten to where they are. Everyone is a teacher…(and that’s why I have plans to interview those people in the near future- stay tuned!)

What I’m getting at is that I would like to be myself.

Anyone out there doing your own thing, please, tell me how you deal with all the bologna that can get in the way of genuine expression of your truth. You are my hero. How do you identify your voice in the sea of voices both in and outside of you?




I just realized that I sure wouldn’t mind learning from Natalie Sisson herself, being that she does embody many of the attributes I admire and lives a lifestyle that I would certainly enjoy. I’d ask her “What was the defining moment/what spurred the change in the way you conceived of making a living AND did it feel momentous in the moment or was it only obvious in retrospect?”




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