Only Human

I just got back from a sweaty, fast-paced yoga class.

In the minutes preceding its start, I was convinced I had no energy left in me. I imagined myself rolling up my mat and walking out at least 5 times before we even started, and maybe 7 more times during the class itself.

This isn’t a feeling I get often.

At some point I found myself sweating through my pants, and realized that I am in it. I am not going to leave. And then it got much easier. I settled into the idea that I was going to make it into the end, and I did.

As soon as class was over, I went over to Ralph’s Italian Ices. I got a small with graham cracker, pumpkin, and strawberry cheesecake. It didn’t taste as delicious as my fantasies, but it was pretty good, I guess. I half-heartedly considered whether indulging in my ice cream fetish was immoral. I passed by two men eating their own ice creams and decided to let it go.


After work today, I plugged in my electric ukulele and started to strum and sing. I’m not a brilliant musician, but music is for everyone, I’m convinced.


Fall begins in two days, and I am filled with nostalgia and anxiety in the usual way that coincides with this time of year.


I’m only human.




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