Running Through Iceland

Last night I went for a run through a rainy Reykjavik. I  bumped into a few grannies on my way to the beautiful children’s museum where I met a couple of Polish men who I told I wanted to have a baby.

What a strange dream!


Today on my way home from the bus stop, I composed this song just before I reached the front door:

“I’ve got butter on my toast, it is rad, it’s not gross.

I’ve got eggs on my plate, they’re not bland, they are great.

This strawberry and papaya smoothie is good, I’m not a liar (lie-ahhh).”

I was looking forward to breakfast…


I tried explaining the state beyond mind to my lover. It was a comically frustrating experience. We tried exchanging out viewpoints on what constitutes art; it was pretty rough.


so much to do…(but not really?)




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