Today was one of those days that showed me just how much my mind can go into overdrive over minor deviations from what I expected.

I set out to work, and by 9:10am I had acquired three tickets;

  1. Left brake light out
  2. Right brake light out
  3. Expired insurance card

(Don’t know when that happened/can’t believe I forgot to print the new card)

I rushed from one place to the next, all while having my mind go through every worst case scenario imaginable (how can both go out at once? maybe it’s an expensive electrical problem…maybe I can’t afford it…maybe I won’t be able to handle the consequences of this situation!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

I went to the mechanic and asked him to give it a look. He changed the bulbs and I paid him $10. So far so good.

I printed the current insurance card.

I got through the work day; finished making the incense burner I was working on in pottery class.

Then I rushed through rush hour to get to the closest Police Precinct so I could hand in all these documents and have this business done and over with.

Not so fast.

It doesn’t work that way.

~You have to go to court. Court just closed. Court isn’t in this town, it’s in that town. Ugh, don’t you know this stuff, lady?~

I felt depleted and defeated.

I really needed a big glass of water.


Now that I’ve gulped it down, and realize that I’ve amplified the stress level of this situation from a 2/10 to an 7.5/10, it’s easier to calm down and get back to the pressing issues.

There’s a girl who has to study for a hiking guide exam. There’s a girl that has to work on her plant based cooking course. There’s a girl that’s gotta eat some dinner.



h a ha ha h a h aa ha hah ha what a funny day it’s been.




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