Things I Learned Today

Where there is fear, there is opportunity for growth.

The most mundane of experiences can be life altering if you let them.

Leave your house extra early before heading to a new place.

Eat something nourishing before close encounters with bureaucracy (related: don’t eat an entire bar of chocolate on your commute home).

Make wise decisions about what you choose to have a mental breakdown over.

Don’t trust google maps to take you where you need to go.

Never give up.


I am exhausted by the anxiety attack I had while trying get my brake light tickets dismissed at the neighboring village court. I’m glad that I learned a lot of valuable lessons, even if I had to become an actual crazy person to get there. Hopefully that won’t beĀ repeating itself.

Tomorrow evening, I am going to the Animal Collective show in NYC. Been looking forward to it for months. Just want to get my dance on and be home by midnight, you know what I mean?


Closing thought:

What are you saving yourself for?

(a question to myself…though I offer it to ~You~ as well)



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