I’m a twenty-three-year-old granny in New York with my heart in Poland and my mind in outer space.  This is my attempt at writing consistently. Let’s connect.

A few things I care about:

  • ~*~Wellbeing~*~ through clarity (yoga, meditation, spending lots of time in nature, nourishing food, laughter)
  •  discussion for hours about Truth- that which endures and prevails above all else (love?)
  • music (the kind that elevates the spirit, soothes the mind, and moves the body)
  • animals (I have a soft spot for the human ones in particular)
  • writing (doing my darndest to express these dense musings)
  • Freedom (the real kind, and figuring out exactly what that entails)

Things I’m working on: 

  • Being brave through radical acts of kindness
  • slowing down, enjoying the moments “in between”
  • small talk
  • allowing people into my life/heart
  • following my dreams
  • softening, opening, being less critical/judgmental/afraid…without letting others take advantage (a delicate balance indeed!)

{Teach me how to use the internet.}